Kitchen Resolutions – 6 months

Make my own sriracha. I’d love to expand outside of the chilies they’ve listed for a variety of flavors.
I attempted this. I think the peppers I used were too old as even after long cooking they were too fibrous and ended up yielding a very chunky sauce. Even after straining I did not get the desired texture. However, the key is aging it slightly to increase the heat.

Korean peppers for sriracha

Add 5 classic Chinese recipes to my repertoire. Most of my cooking is some sort of weird fusion-y blend, and stir-frying is a little too straightforward.
I made Hainanese chicken rice. I didn’t take any pictures. My favorite part was how long this recipe lasted. Between the chicken itself and the stock I made after adding some additional chicken parts this yielded about two weeks worth of food.

Transition away from some of my non-stick cookware into stainless steel.
I purchased an eight-piece Tramontina 18/10 stainless steel set. I’m still adjusting to the differences between this and non-stick. But I love the added browning I am getting on my meats. If you want to get a good deal, you can bid on a set from eBay for less than it sells for from Walmart. (I got mine for around $105.) Many of the sellers who are selling new sets are actually selling FOR Walmart. My shipment came from Walmart. Cook’s Illustrated and others have rated this brand as on part with All Clad for a third of the price. Costco also sell a set of two saute pans for $20.

Make at least one recipe from every cookbook I own that I haven’t used. Amongst them crazy recipes from The French Laundry cookbook, the Alinea cookbook, and Jacques Pepin techniques. Also notable in the collection: Jose Andres’ Made in Spain, Richard Sandoval’s Modern Mexican Flavors, a few years worth of Saveur issues, and (sigh) Rachael Ray’s 30 minute meals get-togethers cookbook.
My first loaf of bread came from the olive bread recipe in Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. My biggest issue with this recipe is that it requires a food processor. My frustration stems from the fact that I don’t own a ton of kitchen equipment and no one seems to account for that situation. I ended up going to my sister’s house to use hers. All in all, the friend I made the bread for loved it. But it would have benefitted from a pizza stone to cook it on though I imagine I could have substituted a cast iron pan.
Olive bread

Make more soups.
Lots of chicken stock from my Hainanese chicken experiments. I have also made pho twice in the last four months. The fascinating part of the pho was that it remains nearly flavorless until I add the fish sauce. So I am curious what impact other fish sauces will have on the flavor.

One response to “Kitchen Resolutions – 6 months

  1. These are great resolutions! A few years ago I inherited my grandfather’s copper bottom pots and now I avoid non-stick whenever possible. The cooking time and the browning are so different and I really prefer the copper bottom pots. Now to work on installing a gas stove instead of the electric one my house came with….

    I also love your cookbook resolution! I just made the gazpacho from the French Laundry cookbook after I picked it up at a yard sale last weekend. I’m not sure about my possibilities of success on some of the more ambitious recipes, but some of them are worth an attempt!

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