Review: Dolcezza and affogato

Photo from the gelato-ology site.

Dolcezza, the Argentine gelaterie in Georgetown has a special deal for free affogato. Affagoto is espresso poured over ice cream or in this case Mexican vanilla bean gelato.

I’ve been wanting to try this dessert for a long time, since I’d read a Waitrose recipe card with the information. It’s a nice contrast of creamy, sweet and bitter. Properly prepared espresso should have  hint of sweetness with its own sense of creaminess.

Dolcezza’s excellent vanilla bean gelato was a great pairing with the gelato, almost like a breve, but slightly chilled.

Now I am a little hyped up from the espresso. I’d love to have this again or make it myself. I look forward to trying some of their other gelatos like yellow peach prosecco and white peach prosecco. So head out there and enjoy it with this weather.

1560 Wisconsin Ave. NW; Washington, DC

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