Pesky mosquitoes

Things I Have Tried to Soothe My Mosquito Bites
1. Hot water
2. Benadryl gel
3. Honey
4. Baking soda
5. Toothpaste
6. Ice
7. Immediate washing
8. Spit
9. Electric shocks

This last one seems to work, but only on the NEW bite. I have about 25 mosquito bites that I got a week ago with approximately two inch in diameter swelling. A few of them gone away. Most continue to thrive. The guard at work asks me for an update every day. Any suggestions?

All I can think is, I wish they hadn’t banned DDT. Eagles aren’t exactly the smartest birds. They used to fly into the power lines at the army base I used to work at and kill themselves. I sound cruel, but if you had mosquito bites like mine you might understand.

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