Review: Jolly Rancher Hot & Spicy Lollipops

WOOT!! World Cup! Saturday! I LOVE IT! The most wonderful time every four years besides March Madness! 

I bought this weird pack of Jolly Rancher Hot & Spicy lollipops. They come in three flavors: mango, tamarind and lime. So far I've tried the lime and the mango. Woo… they're spicy. They have cayenne pepper interspersed through the entire pop; it makes for a bumpy mouth-feel. The lime one wasn't as spicy in the beginning, with just candy first, and then the pepper kicking in a little later. The mango one was spicy from the get-go. They both have that strong Jolly Rancher artificial flavor kick to them. It took me a while to realize why I thought the mango flavor was familiar… it reminded me of the green apple flavor. It does still taste mango-like, with that nice fragrance.

One response to “Review: Jolly Rancher Hot & Spicy Lollipops

  1. I know it’s over 3 years since this has been posted, but does anyone know where these spicy Jolly Ranchers lollipops can be found?

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